Discover Nasca at the Antonini Museum

Welcome to the website of the Antonini Museum, a space dedicated to Nasca culture and civilization. The museum, also known as the Antonini Didactic Museum, is located in the city of Nasca (Ica), in the CISRAP-CEAP facilities.


The Italian Center for Pre-Columbian Archaeological Studies and Research (CISRAP, by its acronym in Italian) is a cultural association recognized by the Italian state, which promotes research and divulgation of cultures and civilizations from the Americas.


The construction of the facilities of the research center and the museum were carried out thanks to the constant contribution of the Antonini family, who firmly believed in the development of the Archaeological Mission and its cultural divulgation program.


We invite you to visit the Antonini Museum, where you can learn more about Nasca culture and its importance in the history of the Americas. We look forward to your visit!

Fachada Museo Antonini

Latest events

11 February 2023

Sample of the latest excavations

22 February 2023

Sample of the latest excavations

07 March 2023

Sample of the latest excavations

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Saving Cahuachi

As a visitor, you have had the opportunity to explore and discover the secrets of this ancient civilization, but did you know that you can contribute to its preservation and expansion?

Yes, you too can be part of our mission!

Entrance fees

General entrance: 20 soles 

Students: 7 soles (previous identification)

Children: 7 soles 

Children under 5 years accompanied by an adult: Free.

*Rates include taking photographs or video for personal use. Professional photographs or video recordings for media use must be coordinated with prior authorization.

**The entrance ticket does not include the guide service, this is an additional service to the entrance fee to the museum. If you wish, you must previously coordinate before your visit, indicating the desired language.

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